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University of Phoenix: Everything you want to know about!

University of Phoenix Everything you want to know about - 100Careers.com

The University of Phoenix, also known as the UOPX, is an American institution for higher learning. The university is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and is wholly owned by the Apollo Group Inc. The UOPX is distributed all over the world with 112 campuses worldwide. There are over hundred degree programmes with the degrees at the …

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About Devry University: All that you want to know!

About Devry University:    Devry University, also known as the Devry University of Technology, is an organization for higher education, located in Illinois, United States. The university is also a parent organization for a number of other universities like Carrington College, Ross University and American University of the Caribbean. Devry University was founded in 1931. The …

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Online degrees programs offered by UNC (University of North Carolina)!

UNC (University of North Carolina) is one of the oldest public universities founded in 1789, provide various online degrees programs. Admission Process at UNC (University of North Carolina) Admission applications are filled online. All 16 institutions under the university have their own admission procedures and respective application formalities. Visiting the website will help in navigating …

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Online Degrees programs offered by FAU (Florida Atlantic University)!

FAU (Florida Atlantic University) is a renowned public university in US, established in 1961. It offers a wide range of online degrees courses.   Admission Procedure in FAU (Florida Atlantic University Create a distance learning account on the website (DL) to apply online Create a FACT account to complete registration Choose campuses that offer the …

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Online Degrees programs offered by UMass (University of Massachusetts)!

University of Massachusetts also known as UMass founded in 1863, offers a no of graduate and undergraduate Online Degrees programs Admission process at UMass (University of Massachusetts) Any student with a high school diploma or an equivalent of that can apply for admission. Every university campus has its own admission procedure and fee structure. However …

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Online Degrees programs offered by University of Alabama (AU)!

The University of Alabama offers accredited degrees for online learning Admission Procedure at University of Alabama (AU) For degree courses, students have to apply online. The application process involves the following steps: Click on “apply now” on the university website Create a login ID and a password Click on the create an application link Click …

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Online Degrees from Major Universities in US: The Complete Dossier!

The virtual world has open doors for many things to co-exist for our benefits. For knowledge seekers, it’s a place no less than a paradise. Prestigious universities across the globe, have now expanded and they have come up with a mechanism of an online school of learning. The professional student can enhance his/her knowledge and …

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Top 10 universities in USA

Top 10 universities in USA - 100Careers.com

United States is considered one of the most resourceful and authentic hubs of education and training on various subjects by the world class educationists and students. This is the reason why the country has always been the favorite destination of learners seeking in depth knowledge and cognition. Almost all states of USA have one or …

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