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Data Analytics Jobs are in huge demand in India- Study

Data Analytics Jobs are in huge demand in India- Study - 100Careers

In a recent study conducted by Edvancer Eduventures in association with Analytics India Magazine, it came to notice that approximately 50,000 positions in the field of data analytics are currently vacant in India. This overwhelming number is set to increase by almost 70-80 per cent in 2018. The study, Analytics & Data Science India Jobs …

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Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology!

Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology -

One of the fast evolving and rapidly developing field of science is Biotechnology. It is the branch of science that forms an amalgam between Biology and modern, cutting edge technology. This is one of the most thriving industries today that is working in close association with many other industries such as Environment, Food, Medicine, etc. …

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Highest Paying BPO companies in India

Highest Paying BPO companies in India -

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is the sector of that deals with outsourcing facilities and services. BPO sector has been attracting many individuals as most of the jobs here require very basic educational qualification and experience is also not necessary. However, one needs to have good communication skills, interpersonal skills and computer skills. Further skills …

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Top 10 Highest Paying PSUs (Govt. Companies) in India

Top 10 Highest Paying PSUs (Govt. Companies) in India

Different people will have different definitions for a great place to work at depending on their preferences and field of choice. But one thing that will be a common aspect in their idea of a good job is the pay package apart from having a trustworthy management, healthy work environment, understanding and supportive employees, etc. …

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Highest Paying companies in Gurgaon

One of the areas in India that is fast developing and becoming a great source of attraction for young talent is Gurgaon. There so many companies now opening their offices in this area of the NCR region. It is an ideal place for someone to live and make their career in. Companies from across the …

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List of Top10 Highest Paying Analytics Companies in India

Top10 Highest Paying Analytics Companies in India -

There are many companies in India that are offering exciting pay packages to analytics. However, your qualification and experience may affect the package you may receive.   Here are Top10 Highest Paying Analytics companies:   McKinsey This Company was established 11 years ago in Gurgaon as a hub for offering diverse knowledge. It has a …

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What are Highly Paid IT Jobs in India ?

What are Highly Paid IT jobs in India -

The Indian IT sector is booming. With more and more increasing demands for IT professionals, the multinational IT companies are hiring the best of employees. The industry has significantly contributed to India’s GDP. The industry has changed India’s image to a land of unique and innovative entrepreneurs. Here’s a List of Highest Paying Jobs in …

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Highest Paid Jobs in Science Field in India

With IITs considered a temple for all engineering aspirants and lakhs of them enrolling into coaching classes to get an entrance pass to a prestigious engineering college, we can very well judge how crazy we Indians are about engineering. There are whole lots of government and private institutes that offer a variety of specializations in this field like Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, Petroleum Engineering among others. The lucky ones who get through IITs, NITs, IIITs, DCE and many other well-known engineering colleges get really good placements in their respective industries with various national and international companies. A recent report by India Today, says that the highest package that IITians received last year from international companies

Top paying Companies in Bangalore!

Bangalore is considered as the IT hub of the nation because majority of the IT companies have their offices in the city. Both local, national and international IT companies are present in Bangalore. The city has a lot to offer to the aspiring software engineers. There are numerous companies that offer top pay packages. But you need to be eligible for the job and competent enough for the job profile. Discussed below it’s the eligibility criteria for a software engineer and the job profile that comes with this post.

What is Sabbatical Leave Policy in TCS and its main features?

Sabbatical as the term implies to take a leave or rest from work. So TCS gave its employees the option of taking a leave or break from work to pursue their other interests. It is interesting to note that Tata always has come up with interesting ideas motivate the human capital. It offers the option giving the space and flexibility to its employees.TCS has always considered human resource critical for the development of the organization. It has always invested heavily in people. It is not possible to meet every employees demands and desires, hence they always come up with great policies to satisfy their workforce.

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