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Career as a Cartoonist: Education Skills & Salary

Career as a Cartoonist - 100Careers

Alternate careers are becoming immensely popular with the youth of the nation. These careers are no more at the sidelines but have entered the mainstream and offer great work opportunities and a high pay as well. One such career is that of a Cartoonist. It is a great choice for those with a flair for …

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Career as a Dentist: Scope, Salary & Education

Career as a Dentist Scope, Salary & Education - 100Careers

The field of Dentistry is very precise and requires education, training and skills relevant to it. Thus, if you wish to become a Dentist, you need to acquire (BDS)Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences. One can also consider higher qualifications such as doctoral degree in dental surgery or dental medicine. License is also very essential to acquire for practicing.

Career in Fashion Designing in India

Career in Fashion Designing - 100Careers

The main job of a Fashion Designer is to come up with creative and innovative fashion concepts. They have to create sketches of their products and concepts by hand or on the computer. They research, study and develop different patterns. It is also their responsibility to analyze fabrics, colors and shapes. A Fashion Designer has to oversee the entire production process as well. They have to keep themselves up-to-date with all the latest development and trends of their industry. There are certain skills that are essential for the job of a Fashion Designer. These include: creativity; an eye for detail; understanding of fabrics, textures, colors and patterns; ability to work on deadline oriented tasks; etc.

Career as a Pilot: Salary, Qualifications and Jobs

Career as a Pilot Salary, Qualifications and Jobs -

There are many careers in the aviation industry that have been attracting the attention of the youth of this nation. One such appealing and lucrative career is that of a pilot. If you also wish to make a career as a pilot and need some information regarding the same, help is here. Discussed below are …

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All about a Career as Chartered Accountant!

How to make career as a Chartered Accountant -

Do you wish to become a Chartered Accountant? Do you want to know about the scope of this field? Are you searching for information on eligibility and job profile of a Chartered Accountant? If your answer is yes, then you must read on! Here we will provide you with all the essential information you may …

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A Career in Analytics: Lets analyze

Initially when analytics came into the scenario, it was limited to the field of finance, retail, telecom and healthcare. However, science is developing fast and amalgamating with so many different fields that the world of analytics is also expanding. Analytics basically involves the use of strong tools and techniques in analyzing data. Analytics is now …

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Best Career Options for Science Students other than Engineering !

Best Career Options for Science Students other than Engineering -

Students these days are very pro-active about planning their career. Ever since they choose a specific stream in their high school, they dedicate themselves towards achieving good marks and pursing their desire career. They are now considering career options that are unconventional. After the completion of school, students have a vast vista of career options …

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D.U.(Delhi University) Career options : The complete list

D.U.(Delhi University) Career options -

The University of Delhi is one of the top universities in the country. The university, which is a public central university, is wholly funded by the government of India. The university offers a vast variety of courses both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. AN INTRODUCTION:  The University of Delhi was established in 1922 as …

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Wanna make Career in Management (MBA) : Here are the options in detail !

Wanna make Career in Management (MBA) -

WHAT IS MANAGEMENT? Before going into the different careers in management, let’s first understand what management actually means.Management is basically a business term. It is nothing but the act of brining the people working in an organization more close, in order to achieve desires results and accomplish big goals. In other words, the word ‘management’ …

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Ethical hacking: An exciting Career option for Geeks!

Ethical hacking An exciting Career option for Geeks -

With the tremendous growth in technology and internet, the career options in these fields also have seen a huge rise. And amongst all those, the one that is trending right now, and also in the future is the concept of hacking, or rather, ethical hacking.   What is ethical hacking?   Ethical hacking is performed …

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