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Career as a Dentist: Scope, Salary & Education

Career as a Dentist Scope, Salary & Education - 100Careers

The field of Dentistry is very precise and requires education, training and skills relevant to it. Thus, if you wish to become a Dentist, you need to acquire (BDS)Bachelor’s degree in Dental Sciences. One can also consider higher qualifications such as doctoral degree in dental surgery or dental medicine. License is also very essential to acquire for practicing.

Career in Fashion Designing in India

Career in Fashion Designing - 100Careers

The main job of a Fashion Designer is to come up with creative and innovative fashion concepts. They have to create sketches of their products and concepts by hand or on the computer. They research, study and develop different patterns. It is also their responsibility to analyze fabrics, colors and shapes. A Fashion Designer has to oversee the entire production process as well. They have to keep themselves up-to-date with all the latest development and trends of their industry. There are certain skills that are essential for the job of a Fashion Designer. These include: creativity; an eye for detail; understanding of fabrics, textures, colors and patterns; ability to work on deadline oriented tasks; etc.