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A Career as HR Manager: One of the Best Jobs!

A Career as HR Manager One of the Best Jobs! -

Career Profile of HR Manager  Working as a Human Resource (HR) Manager involves handling the career development of the work force, employee relations, grievance and disciplinary issues, compensation and benefits, recruitment, redundancies, training, industrial relations, compliance, etc. It also involves keeping a track of areas which change often, such as employment law.There are two types …

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Career as a Fitness Trainer in India: How good is it?

Nowadays people are becoming more and more health conscious. They are taking up decisions to introduce lifestyle changes that can help them achieve and maintain physical fitness. This growing concern has led to a great boost in the health sector. In fact, these days, one of the most thriving fields in the sector of health …

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A Career in Technical Writing – Lets Analyze!

A Career in Technical Writing –

Technical Writing is one of the fast developing and growing field thanks to the rapid expansion in the fields of science, medicine and technology. The chief job responsibilities/ profile of a technical writer include translating complex and technical information into clear, simple and easy to comprehend language. The technical writer has to compose and handle …

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Career in Horticulture Science in India

The career profile of a professional working in the field of horticulture science tends to vary depending on their job and respective area of specialization. However, their basic task is to choose and care for shrubs, trees and plants in both public as well as private areas. They have to identify the sick ones and …

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